Monday, November 26, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 - A Look Back

This will be my 68th - whoops, my 70th (forgot to tag the Thirsty Bear pictures) - post that tangentially relates to Oracle OpenWorld 2007 in some way, shape, or form. The other 67 posts talk about everything from new Oracle Database 11g platform releases to...well, lunch and stuff like that.

This is the third Oracle OpenWorld that I have attended, and the first time that I have been able to stay for the whole week. So, if I may steal a format, here are my top 10 - no, 11 - key memories of this year's Oracle OpenWorld:

  1. Despite the fact that I was in San Francisco, I was unable to participate in the Unconference, I heard good reviews from those that did. And the little bit of planning apparently helped.

  2. Twitter ended up being a useful tool in certain instances, but seemed to function best when the tweets of several people were aggregated.

  3. The Schedule Builder seemed to be OK (although some disagreed, and it worked better for some than for others, though things worked themselves out in the end), especially when you consider how many sessions were loaded into the schedule. If I can think of some concrete improvement ideas, I'll pass them on.

  4. While I did spend some time in the Oracle Technology Network (enjoying a beer before Andy Mendelsohn's keynote, for example), I actually spent more time in the Oracle PartnerNetwork lounge. The latter was a better place to watch keynotes because it was somewhat isolated from the outside noise.

  5. Oracle apparently prefers not to make specific announcements for every single platform release for Oracle Database 11g, and the announcement that mattered most to me was made before Oracle OpenWorld 2007 even began. I can understand Oracle's reasons for this strategy, but it's a helpful thing to know if you're waiting for a release on your preferred platform.

  6. Hashtags (specifically, the openworld07 hashtag) were somewhat publicized and somewhat used. I believe that this will be a helpful tool for all events as time goes on (I posted some "#malibufire" tweets over the weekend, for example).

  7. Oracle OpenWorld Connect was very helpful for pre-conference preparation.

  8. The weather outside was delightful, which is not always true in San Francisco.

  9. Registration was a breeze, if you timed it right. The only drawback is that I set all my stuff down, including my wristband for Wednesday night. Guess what I forgot to pick up?

  10. My hotel was pretty good (not perfect; the ethernet connection was on the opposite end of the room from the desk) and centrally located.

  11. Which leaves just one point for the conference itself, including the Secure Backup session, Rich Niemiec's session, Andy Mendelsohn's keynote, Mark Hurd's keynote (which I didn't see), Larry Ellison's keynote, Tom Kyte's session, the Thirsty Bear blogger meetup, and everything else that went on that week. Truly a firehose.
Which brings me to my small claim of fame for this year: namely, my mention in Eye on Oracle. It formed the basis for a conversation about whether Oracle OpenWorld is just too danged big. However, I don't think that Oracle would want it any other way.

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