Friday, October 12, 2007

Oracle Database 11g now available on Linux x86_64 - Niall Litchfield is hustling with glee

Followup. Also see this related post.

I saw this intriguing tweet (from OraNA) earlier this morning:

11g on Linux x86_64

This led to a Laurent Schneider blog post:

Niall Litchfield just wrote about 11g availability on 64bits linux.

So I visited Niall's post:

I turn 40 today, and as a nice birthday present 64bit 11g turns up on OTN. If you told me when I was 20 that I'd be celebrating 40 with a software download and taking my 5 year old to a school disco, well I'd never have believed that I could turn into such a sad old man so quickly..

You can download Oracle Database 11g for Linux x86_64 here.

So far the main download page only lists Linux x86 and Linux x86_64 as the only supported platforms for Oracle Database 11g.

So Windows people are still out of luck.

Perhaps more versions will trickle out before this year's Oracle OpenWorld 2007.

And Niall - enjoy the disco.

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