Monday, November 26, 2007

I've waited so long to post the infamous Tom Kyte post that Ellison is probably already talking about Oracle Database 11m now

Yes, I have a little unfinished business.

Many eons ago, I mentioned the fact that I was tweeting during Tom Kyte's Oracle OpenWorld presentation "The Top 10 - No, 11 - New Features of Oracle Database 11g."

I also mentioned (two or three times) that I would subsequently write a more detailed post on Kyte's top 11. I reiterated this at the end of my Ellison post.

Since Kyte's presentation, several things have happened:

  • Nathalie Roman posted a detailed account of Kyte's "No Slide Zone" appearance on the same topic. (Kyte gave the presentation in a no-slide format, which Roman and Tim attended, and in a slide format, which Eddie Awad and I attended.)

  • Tom Kyte himself commented on the two presentations.

  • Kyte has posted the presentation in the downloads section of asktom.

So, if you haven't seen the list, here it is. I'm using Kyte's presentation as a source, rather than my own notes or tweets.

  1. Encrypted Tablespaces

  2. Cache More Stuff

  3. Standby Just got better

  4. Real Application Testing

  5. Smaller more secure DMP files

  6. Virtual Columns

  7. Partitioning just got better

  8. The long awaited pivot

  9. Flashback Data Archive

  10. Finer Grained Dependency Tracking

  11. OLTP Table Compression
It should be noted that Kyte did not attempt to rank these features or order them in any way, so the numbering of the 11 items is not necessary significant.

I can add a few items here.

Encrypted tablespaces were not only mentioned in Tom Kyte's presentation, but in a previous presentation given by Roy Swonger and Carol Palmer on the Oracle Database 11g Data Pump. Supported methods include 3DES168, AES128, AES192, and AES256. I'm not sure if this is affected by export restrictions. More information here in this excerpt from the Oracle Database Administrator's Guide, 11g Release.

The third point was a discussion of Active Data Guard, which was also discussed in the Andy Mendelsohn keynote. Oracle's web page on Active Data Guard is here.

The partitioning point discussed interval partitioning, which was also discussed by Rich Niemiec and Andy Mendelsohn. Here's a faq page on Oracle's interval partitioning. Meanwhile, someone is requesting the same feature from the competition.

As mentioned above, Nathalie Roman discussed these and many other items.

I feel like it took me forever to finally get this post out, but truth to tell, the presentation took place less than two weeks ago.

However, in the technological world, two weeks can be an eternity.

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