Monday, October 29, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld Connect Groups

One of the features offered for Oracle OpenWorld 2007 registrants is the "Oracle OpenWorld Connect" service, which allows registered users

Even if you're not registered, you can view the discussions (read-only) in the Groups area of Oracle OpenWorld Connect. Any user can create a group to start discussion on a topic of interest.

Here are some of the groups that are available:

  • Oracle Technology Network (OTN) - the most popular group

  • Where's the Party? - the second most popular group

  • Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)

  • Oracle Bloggers

  • IOUG

  • Ask the OpenWorld Event Team

  • Unconference At Oracle World : Lets Organize...a bit - note that "unconference" is the most popular tag at Oracle OpenWorld Connect

  • Open Apple World - if a leopard is not an animal to you, then here's your group

  • DBAs Unite - Feel Lost in an OOW Applications Crowd?
There are many more groups - go to to check them out.

The one thing that strikes me as odd - the group "Performance Scalability Reliability" only has one member. Is no one else interested in this topic?

Incidentally, Oracle OpenWorld Connect is hosted by Leverage Software, which has the following vision:

We believe that the face of marketing has changed. We, as consumers of goods, services and information, have changed the way that we wish to learn and transact. The information and feedback that we gather from our peers have become more important and influential than a firm’s outgoing marketing message. Relationships matter more than messaging. We will continue to provide products and services that support this vision.

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