Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What we have is a failure to consume televised content, so I am relying on other views of Mark Hurd

I planned to listen to Mark Hurd's Monday keynote live, but had to keep a separate appointment instead.

OK, so it was an appointment with a beanbag. But as anyone at Oracle OpenWorld knows, these things happen.

So, until I get around to finding an online copy of the presentation (here's a clip), I'll rely on the wisdom of others. Apparently I missed a gimmick:

It's hard to know if Hewlett-Packard chief executive Mark Hurd was briefed on the video-taped questions that were thrown at him on the stage at OpenWorld yesterday, but he made the most of the opportunity to reflect on the computer-maker's place in the technology ecosystem.

Dan Farber notes:

The engaging Hurd was ready for softballs, including whether one questions should buy a Dell or HP PC and whether he beats Oracle CEO Larry Ellison at tennis....

For the crowd of OpenWorld attendees he stated his view the root of successful IT implementations. Great use of IT starts with him, the CEO, he said, supported by process and only then by technology. Nonetheless, HP, IBM, Sun, Oracle, SAP and a host of others will be fighting for the chance to deliver the technology to customers.

Vinnie Mirchandani would have asked some tougher questions. Here's a sample:

You and your CIO Randy Mott proudly talk about HP's own data center consolidation and other IT spend reduction - almost in half. When can your customers expect to see similar reduction in their HP and Oracle spend?


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