Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Business Twittering and Oracle OpenWorld 2007

As you may know, I've been exploring the use of Twitter for business purposes (and I guess for personal purposes too, considering that I twittered about Samantha Brown's ice skating skills).

Here's part of what I've previously said about possible business uses of Twitter:

I got meself a Twitter account....[t]o explore the possible business applications of Twitter - for example, as a way to exchange information during the crowded mess that is (or will be) Oracle OpenWorld 2007.

On my own, I discovered and started following the "oow" twitter user, even though I didn't know how the content was established.

Eddie Awad had posted a little more information about Oracle OpenWorld 2007 and Twitter. (He also posted about blogging and flickring; go here [LINK ADDED: APOLOGIES FOR LEAVING IT OUT INITIALLY] to find out more.)

[H]ere are some (unofficial) Oracle related twitter channels that I have created:

And here is my channel

He also mentioned Justin Kestelyn's Twitter account:

But if you're interested in non-business use of Twitter, see my next post.

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