Thursday, November 8, 2007

Point Counterpoint

I found this while looking at the openworld07 tag on Technorati.

Andrew Clarke says:

In a world which has gone Web2.0 mad, the Open World Schedule Builder is proudly, defiantly Web1.0.

Yes, it's the user-unfriendly single long HTML table which makes it impossible to see which sessions you've booked and which sessions clash. It's the agonising network round trip every time you book a session. And it's the long scroll back from the top of the page after every booking.

Justin Kestelyn asserts, however, that Oracle is making progress:

Oracle has sponsored a BarCamp as well as a Lunch 2.0.

For the first time, a formal blogger relations program was implemented for Oracle OpenWorld (criticism of certain details notwithstanding; we're just getting started here). We've just put the finishing touches on the suggested agenda (or "unagenda"? totally optional of course), which I am confident will be of great interest.

Also for the first time, Oracle OpenWorld will include an unconference track

Yet more progress to report: Today, Oracle launched the first official public-facing Oracle wiki.

And yes, it is entirely possible for both assertions to be correct. In any large organization, different parts of the organization move at different speeds, and often march to very different drummers. (In my real life I deal with a particular Federal agency, and have witnessed two people from the same agency in complete disagreement with each other - in a public setting, no less.)

But, if Reagan were (this is getting worse than my repeated Aaron Copland references), Reagan's famous question "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" could be answered with a yes.

Of course, if OpenWorld only had a couple of dozen sessions, the Schedule Builder would work perfectly. :)

P.S. Warning to those who follow links - if you follow the link about the Reagan quote, you'll end up at a page authored by Henry Waxman. Not exactly part of the Reagan Revolution.

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