Saturday, September 22, 2007

Building the Perfect Schedule

As I noted yesterday, the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Schedule Builder is now live.

Immediately upon receiving the e-mail, I accessed the Schedule Builder, probably as thousands (times ten?) of other people were doing the same. For that reason, or possibly for another reason, I could not get search results when I tried to search the course catalog.

Floyd Teter at JPL had slightly better luck...sort of:

I logged in, pulled up the Schedule Builder’s Content Catalog, and checked on a few sessions. I did see a few errors pertaining to session I’m involved with...but that’s to be expected when things like this first go live. No big deal.

Then I ran into a really big deal that hit me where right where I live. Unfortunately, I can’t book anything. When I tried, I got the following error message:

Your current registration level do NOT provide you access to enroll in this session

(NOTE: Don’t blame me for the grammar, as it’s a direct quote…probably an error message written by some DBA)

Grammar aside, it’s a pretty entertaining message when you consider that I’m co-hosting a panel discussion on Sunday and speaking on Thursday (granted, I'm speaking on Thursday afternoon so I'll be talking to an empty room, but still...). I wonder if the security folks at the conference will let me in for my panel discussion and speaking event if we can’t get this problem fixed...

(Off-topic: reminds me of the time that Jonathan Richman was the entertainment at a social at Reed College circa 1980. I heard that when Reed security wouldn't let him into Commons (because he didn't have a Reed ID), Mr. Richman reportedly told them that if he couldn't get in, there wouldn't be a show.)

For the record, I tried going into the Schedule Builder Saturday morning, and everything appeared to work fine. I've scheduled a number of database sessions, and marked a few exhibitors and demos to see. I even wrote the Sunday Oracle Partner Network Forum into the schedule under personal meetings. (Didn't allocate a slot for the database day at the unconference yet; I can make that decision when I get there.)

So schedule away, people.

And hopefully Floyd's problems will be worked out soon. It isn't good when JPL can't come to your conference.... :)

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