Monday, September 24, 2007

When even an unconference is too much trouble

The one drawback with the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 unconference is that you have to be physically present at Oracle OpenWorld to participate. That doesn't help six-plus billion people who won't be at the Moscone Center (although it will seem like six billion people are there).

Enter Igor:

Everyone is talking about going to OpenWorld and I'm jealous. So I'm proud to present: Oracle ClaytonWorld. For those not familar with Australian slag, "Claytons" was a non-alcholic drink, sold under the slogan "the drink you have when you are not having a drink".

What I'm looking at is presentations without a presenter. You can 'attend' on your own at home, with your work-mates in a conference room, as a user group in a hired function room (or the pub if there isn't a football game on [or its just England getting hammered in the Rugby]) or pretty much anywhere with a large screen.

There's a fair bit on offer....

You don't have to fit it all in a couple of days and I'd prefer to watch a presentation or two a week (or each month for if shown by a user group), but it is possible to schedule up your own two-day conference.

An Oracle conference must start off with some Oracle spiel about the new wonder of the database world. It's a tradition, old charter or something. The 11g launch got a webcast from Oracle which fits the bill....

Igor then suggests some other items that you can assemble for your own ClaytonWorld.

As long as it's not a ClaymateWorld.

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