Monday, September 17, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Unconference

Justin Kestelyn just ran an announcement in the OTN TechBlog. Some excerpts:

[A]n unconference will be running in parallel to the official [Oracle OpenWorld 2007] show agenda....

If this term is unfamiliar to you, an unconference is simply a crowd-driven event, in which the attendees create their own session agenda. This concept turns the old editorial model, in which a panel of "experts" determines what the audience's interests will be, on its head (where it is now spending most of its time)....

The unconference will run on Monday Nov 12 through Wednesday Nov 14 from 2-6 pm, and on Thursday Nov 15 from 2-5 pm. If you wish to present on a topic that interests you, sign up at the Moscone West 3rd Floor Overlooks - but do it early (Sunday or Monday), because slots are limited. (Note that each day is devoted to a general category--Database, Middleware/Tools, Apps, Anything Goes--in order to ensure a nice diversity of topics.)

So I guess this is the "official" unconference?

Coincidentally, and in response to some items that were floating around in OpenWorld Connect (login required), I began researching barcamps and unconferences and the like. Here are some tidbits from that research:

  • Wikipedia entries for BarCamp, Foo Camp, and Unconference

  • An entry in the BarCamp Wiki

  • Something called Foo Camp Fighting (will a similar fight emerge with the official Oracle unconference???)

  • Some stuff on OPML Camp [1] [2]

  • Several items on the Social Software Showcase, conducted alongside the American Library Association meeting [1] [2] [3]

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