Friday, October 19, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld Unconference Wiki

I saw Laurent Schneider's mention of the Oracle OpenWorld Unconference Wiki (as well as another mention by Tim Hall), and went to to check it out.

As of this morning, the wiki page is divided into two sections - "Sessions" and "Requested Session." No one has requested a session yet, but as of this morning there are seven session proposals:

  • Global Oracle & Linux Advocacy Discussion

  • RFID, Events and Oracle Tools

  • Advanced Index Internals

  • Oracle Indexes: Tips, Traps and Tit Bits

  • SQL Model (this is the session that Laurent Schneider proposed)

  • PL/SQL New Features in Oracle 11g (this is the session that Dr. Timothy Hall proposed)

  • Designing PL/SQL apps
If I recall correctly, the sessions can't actually be SCHEDULED until the Sunday of the conference, but at least this allows the community to see the ideas that are being proposed.

P.S. Don't know if Igor (Gary) has a wiki for his ClaytonWorld, but I guess you can call the post comments the equivalent of a wiki. Check the offer from Andy Astor.

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