Monday, July 30, 2007

July 28 - the Mashup

Time for a confession. I decided some time ago that I would try to write a lot of posts on July 28 - 100, to be exact.

I didn't quite make it.

But now I'm going to take everything that I did write and condense it down to a single paragraph. And no, Bob Marley won't appear.

But that cute couple Michael Vick and Lindsay Lohan will. Even though they sympathize with each other because they were both framed, they still fight a lot over the question of whether Ted Williams took steroids. But after their last spat, they celebrated a love story (finally) and were thankful that they haven't adopted any kids who would have to live with an Iraqi regional calamity. "You don't even care what you're screaming at, do you?" asked Lindsay of Michael as they made plans to go to the theater. "Michael Vick likes the theater," said Vick. "It's better than baseball," replied Lindsay. But before they could resume their Ted Williams spat, Vick quickly changed the subject and discussed Andrew Jackson's popularity in 1824. "More popular than some dumb blogger," replied Lindsay. "He's not that dumb," said Vick. "Don't have a cow, man," screamed Lohan. Vick walked out, went to Starbucks, then drove around for a while.

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