Saturday, July 28, 2007

Business Weak Two - The Drive

It was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right. Or so they say.

Still on my Buzztime habit, I was just leaving Fratello's in Upland at 8:30 this evening. It was a beautiful southern California night, and I was walking to my car. Well, technically it's gonna be my daughter's car, but she doesn't have her license yet, and possession is nine tenths.

I searched on the radio and found KBIG's Disco Saturday Night.

No one was at home (other than the sheltie) so I didn't have to rush back.

Under ordinary conditions, this would have been a perfect night to drive around and listen to the radio.

But frankly, I've had enough of driving for a while.

I took the 15 down to San Diego a week ago.

I did my share of driving in San Diego on Thursday night after Buzztime (North San Diego to National City to La Jolla to Hotel Circle) while listening to a Depeche Mode CD.

I drove to the Rainbow Bridge (West Lilac).

I drove to Pala, partially over dirt roads.

I drove up to Temecula (again, Buzztime) and missed the turn-off to the Black Angus.


It's a rare event when I was tired of driving, but I hit it tonight.

P.S. My Buzztime stats should be popping up here over the next few days.

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