Saturday, July 28, 2007

Carburetor! Your spot for Clay Aiken news, I guess

Over the last couple of days, I've written about Iraq, the 2008 presidential election, Somalia, the Balkans, other international hotspots, the murder of Daniel Pearl, the entertainment industry, the news industry (not that there's necessarily a difference between the two), reminiscent looks at 1950s culture, baseball and steroids, football and dog fighting, animal rights, badgers, native American poverty and funding sources, and several other things besides.

But why have people been flocking to this blog in the last couple of days?

Because of a brief mention of Clay Aiken in this post.

So, for the legions of Clay Aiken fans, I have news for you.

First, here's the information on his August 3 date, courtesy Ticketmaster (although you can get tickets from StubHub and everyone else).

Clay Aiken
Palomar Starlight Theater - Pala Casino, Pala, CA
Fri, Aug 3, 2007 07:30 PM...

US $65.00

US $65.00

US $45.00 - US $55.00

US $45.00 - US $55.00

US $45.00 - US $55.00

And, in further news, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that A WOMAN WOKE UP CLAY, who wasw ASLEEP, when the incident below occurred. Don't forget that A WOMAN WOKE UP CLAY. Here are the details of this terrible censorship of the FACTS:

Some Clay Aiken fans are crying foul about a news report earlier this month that said their favorite singer had gotten into a fight on an airline flight and they say that the media has left out an important detail.

It was reported on July 7th that on a flight that ended at the Tulsa, Oklahoma airport, Aiken got into an argument with a female passenger. After investigators interviewed passengers, no charges were filed and everyone went on their way.

However, fans are saying that Aiken has been maligned unfairly in the media over the airborne incident....

According to one reader, an earlier report that they say was later edited said that "Apparently, a former 'American Idol' contestant was asleep in his seat and a woman roused him to get him to move his foot, Johnson [of the airport] confirmed. An argument then followed."

The fans claim that the Tulsa newspaper item initially contained that statement in the article.

However, later Associated Press reports do not contain that important piece of the story Clay Aiken fans say and it was sent out on the wire in the edited form.

"Now the entire world is being told the story without all the facts," commented Kendra, a fan of Clay Aiken's.

The fans seem to be upset that it's not being reported that evidently, the woman woke up Clay and initiated the incident. Some fans believe that the important detail was omitted just to make the story more sensational.

And anyone who thinks that Aiken would randomly pick a fight with a woman

A report from "In Touch Weekly" claims that after blogging about how upset he was when CBS cancelled the apocalyptic drama the American Idol star claims he encouraged his fans to take action. "Within a week, the Claymates had organized a campaign among Jericho fans to send nuts to CBS," says Clay. "And it's back on the air. It just blows my mind."

But Jeff Braverman, the CEO of – the web site that helped angry Jericho fans send 20 tons of peanuts to CBS in protest – got a bit salty when he heard Clay's claims. "We never heard from him!" He says. "[Radio personality] Shaun 'Omac' Daily in Las Vegas came up with the nuts idea.

But rest assured, the Aiken that comes to Pala will be greeted by adoring female fans. Just ask the people of Ohio, Columbus:

"You don't even care what you're screaming at, do you?" Clay Aiken teasingly asked the squealing women scattered across the lawn of Chemical Abstracts Service last night.

"I could say anything." He paused. "Carburetor." Women whistled and cheered.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I think you will be the first Canadian reporter/blogger, that managed to write a whole page about Clay, without maligning him, or insulting him, or questioning his sexuality.
Every single Canadian writer has been extremely offensive, and I wouldn't have came here to read this, if I wasn't sitting here listening to a Clay Aiken cellcert, and didn't pay attention to the website addy.
Give him a chance, he's Fantastic!!
We have LOTS of Canadian Clay fans on the Clay message boards, and I always feel bad for them having to defend the Canadian reporters.

sweetclay said...

I am pleased that the Canadian reporter did a great Job! you dont see that many report the truth more than anything and not to down clay I find that shocking to me. the Anonymous is right this is the first! thanks

Anonymous said...

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Ontario Emperor said...

I hate to disappoint anonymous and sweetclay, but the spammer knows where I live. And she's coming for me. Hopefully not with a stick.

Trust me, if I had to drive from Pala all the way to Ontario, Canada, I *REALLY* wouldn't want to drive.