Saturday, July 28, 2007

You can teach an old cow new tricks

Several months ago, one Saturday morning, I told my daughter that I had to watch a show on the main TV. I then switched to RFD TV, which was televising a cattle auction.

You gotta admit, the cadence of the auctioneer is danged musical.

But you don't have to watch TV to buy a cow. You can just go to your computer.

Good resource for the technical farmer
by tipperoo...

Farmers are starting to go hi tech as seen on this website. They can buy and sell cattle right online

So I went to the site and checked to see what was offered in California. I selected this one:

MINIATURE BULLS FOR SALE (viewed 186 times)
Posted By: gracew » View Users Profile
Price: $850 » View All Ads
Category: Miniature Hereford
Age: 6 months
Lines: Not Applicable

Description: Miniature bull calves, weanlings to long yearlings. Prices range from $850 to $2500 and weanlings can be castrated. These bulls can be registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Association and/or CattleTrax Registries. Gorgeous, correct, docile calves, ready to go now. Parents on premises or pictures/pedigree information available. Breeding quality and/or feeder steers.

My wife isn't home right now. Should I go ahead and buy it? Our sheltie will love to have a playmate.

Seriously, buysellcows could be a good service it if gets more use - presently, there are only 155 ads, and only 4 advertisements were in California. But the site has pictures, and at least indicates which cattle merit further consideration.


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Anonymous said...

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Ontario Emperor said...

Good, so you can buy a cow.

I was going to write about John Higginbotham, but I decided not to bother with him.

Warning - be suspicious of anyone who claims to be able to make all the money in the world, but has to resort to selling his secrets to YOU.