Saturday, July 28, 2007

Business Weak One - The Funhouse

As you may have surmised, I spent the last week on a business trip to San Diego. I got back yesterday, and had to go to the Upland Vons today to take care of some things.

I ended up at the Starbucks, where I got into conversation with the giggly woman behind the counter.

"I'm taking it easy today," I said, explaining that I had just returned from a business trip.

"Did you have fun?" the barista asked.

"I should show you the picture of me in the pirate outfit," I replied.

"That sounds fun," she said. "I want to work where you work."

It struck me that people know so little about the working environments of others.

Take Dagwood, for example. We know that he works to get contracts, but do we really know anything else about him? And we actually see him in his office. Think about people that you never see in the office. What do they do?

Look at Ben Bernanke. What does he do when he gets in the office in the morning? Does he have a regular 8:30 meeting? In that meeting, is there some woman in the back who continuously makes inane comments? Does Bernanke like to arrive late to his 10:00 meeting, then blame it on e-mails?

Maybe he dressed up like a pirate once a year. I'm sure that we'd pay to see that. Maybe Andrea Mitchell still has connections and can get pictures.

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