Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Charges Against Jimmy Michael Giorsetti (Don Bolles) Dismissed

Here's the latest (replacing previous data) from occourts.org (non-essential material, such as a blank eye color field, not reproduced here).

Case Summary
Case Number: 07HF0678

Defendant: Giorsetti, Jimmy Michael
Last Name First Name Middle Name Type Date of Birth
Giorsetti Jimmy Michael Real Name 07/1956
Gioretti Jimmy Michael Alias 07/1956
Case Status:
Status: Dismissed
Case Stage:
Release Status: Released on Bond
Warrant: N
DMV Hold : N
Charging Document: Complaint
Mandatory Appearance: Y
Owner's Resp: N
Amendment #: 0
Seq S/A Violation Date Section Statute OL Violation Plea Plea Date Disposition Disposition Date
1 0 04/04/2007 11377(a) HS F Possession of a controlled substance NOT GUILTY 04/05/2007 Dismissed 04/17/2007
3 0 04/04/2007 166(a)(4) PC M Contempt of court - disobey court order NOT GUILTY 04/05/2007 Dismissed 04/17/2007
4 0 04/04/2007 166(c)(1) PC M Violation of protective/stay away order NOT GUILTY 04/05/2007 Dismissed 04/17/2007
Role Badge Agency Name Vacation Start Vacation End
District Attorney OCDA Conway, Dennis
District Attorney OCDA Chambers, Nikki
District Attorney OCDA Kralick, Chris
Retained Attorney RETAT Margolin, Bruce M.
Public Defender OCPD Deputy Public Defender,
Heard Hearings:
Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom Hearing Status Special Hearing Result
04/05/2007 Arraignment - H2 Heard
04/13/2007 Pre Trial - H2 Heard 10 court/60 calendar days
04/17/2007 Preliminary Hearing - H2 Cancel
04/17/2007 Motion Dismissal H2 Heard
05/18/2007 Pre Trial - H2 Cancel
Bail Date Post Amount Bondsman Bondsman Address Surety Surety Address Details
Action Action Date Amount
04/10/2007 25000.0 Aladdin Bail Bonds null Lincoln General Insurance Company null
Active 04/10/2007 25000
Exonerated 04/17/2007 25000

Although occourts.org doesn't say WHY all charges were dismissed, the News-Tribune does:

[A] more sophisticated analysis by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department crime lab detected no GHB in the soap, officials said Monday.

Some other comments:

  • It was soap, despite allegations to the contrary.

  • Note that Margolin replaced the court-appointed defense attorney in the court records.

  • The mysterious Nikki Chambers stayed on the case, but was joined by Dennis Conway and Chris Kralick.

  • The motion for dismissal was listed with today's date, for what it's worth.

  • Note that ALL THREE charges were dismissed. The other two charges were misdemeanors, and apparently Cat Scandal was willing to be in the proximity of Giorsetti/Bolles. Plus, Orange County wanted to remove the egg on its face as soon as possible.

  • Aladdin Bail Bonds notes that Bolles is exonerated. Does Bolles get reimbursed? Do the reimbursed donations go to Escondido? (I don't think any of the PayPal people would necessarily want their money back, provided it went for a good cause.)


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