Saturday, April 7, 2007

Jimmy Giorsetti (Don Bolles) in Orange County Superior Court

Well, the Dr. Bronner's Soap story can't be confirmed, but I did find (courtesy Bustfilter) the following information via the Orange County (California) Courts website. (Note that Don Bolles, like just about every other member of the Germs, used an alias.)

Case Summary
Case Number: 07HF0678

Defendant: Giorsetti, Jimmy Michael

Height(ft/in) :
Weight (lbs):

Last Name First Name Middle Name Type Date of Birth
Giorsetti Jimmy Michael Real Name 07/1956
Gioretti Jimmy Michael Alias 07/1956

Case Status:
Status: Open
Case Stage:
Release Status: Remanded
Warrant: N
DMV Hold : N
Charging Document: Complaint
Mandatory Appearance: Y
Owner's Resp: N
Amendment #: 0

Seq S/A Violation Date Section Statute OL Violation Plea Plea Date Disposition Disposition Date
1 0 04/04/2007 11377(a) HS F Possession of a controlled substance NOT GUILTY 04/05/2007
3 0 04/04/2007 166(a)(4) PC M Contempt of court - disobey court order NOT GUILTY 04/05/2007
4 0 04/04/2007 166(c)(1) PC M Violation of protective/stay away order NOT GUILTY 04/05/2007

Role Badge Agency Name Vacation Start Vacation End
Public Defender OCPD Abbes, George W.
District Attorney OCDA Chambers, Nikki
Public Defender OCPD Deputy Public Defender,

Scheduled Hearing:
Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom
04/13/2007 Pre Trial - H2
04/17/2007 Preliminary Hearing - H2

Heard Hearings:
Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom Hearing Status Special Hearing Result
04/05/2007 Arraignment - H2 Heard

A few comments on the information above:

  • As of April 5, Giorsetti was remanded (held), not released. (See Case Status, Release Status.) Either he was released by April 7, or the MySpace page I found before does not belong to Giorsetti, or Giorsetti allowed someone else to access his page, or someone broke into it.

  • There is a charge of possession of a controlled substance, but it's unclear whether the drug in question is THC or GHB.

  • But that's not the only charge. The second charge was "contempt of court - disobey court order." This one is a mystery.

  • The third charge is an even greater mystery - "Violation of protective/stay away order." What's up with that? Was he going to brush someone's teeth without their consent?

  • When listing charges above, I should have said "the second charge that still appears." The three charges are numbered 1, 3, and 4. Don't know what happened to item 2.

  • There was at least one public defender present for the arraignment. Don't know if Giorsetti is entitled to continue to use the services of George W. Abbas, or if he needs to find someone else.

  • The prosecuting attorney is Nikki Chambers. Maybe it's me, but it seems odd that an old punker is being prosecuted by someone named "Nikki."

  • Now that the arraignment is out of the way (by the way, Giorsetti pleaded Not Guilty on all three counts), there is a scheduled pre-trial hearing on Friday, April 13, and a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, April 17.

  • Martha Coakley has nothing to do with this case. Good.

It's interesting to compare the Berdovsky/Stevens situation with the Bolles situation. I'll grant that in one sense, they're incomparable - the Boston Mooninite scare was VERY public, while Bolles' arrest was very private. On the other hand, Berdovsky/Stevens supporters got their act together very quickly, setting up websites and getting the word out. Bolles' lone supporter wasn't even able to correctly name the city in which Bolles was arrested. Perhaps the situation will change in the next few days, but until I found the court records themselves, I was convinced that the Bolles arrest story was a scam. Looks like it isn't, but it also looks like much of the story hasn't come out yet.



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