Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tanja Saarela is out of a ministry

In addition to Jyrki Kasvi, Tanja Saarela also got through the Finnish elections.

I feel very positive about the elections held yesterday on Sunday. The results are a bit negative, because the right wing of finland is probably going to assemble the government, and Tanja Karpela (or Saarela nowadays) got through the elections, which makes me sad. How can a person with no credentials or qualifications be choosed to represent the people of our country? I sincerely hope she won’t make it as a minister, because last time she did, she orchestrated the infamous Lex Karpela, a crime against the finnish people for which she out to be executed for by the authorities.

This post was written a month ago, before Imusgate (I'm sure someone has called it Imusgate by now) converted everything into a crime. The post above, for example, would be classified as a sexist hate crime. I miss the 1970s.

And Saarela misses her position:

The new government should be finalized by [17 April] when Keskusta announce their candidates....


Minister of Culture - Stefan Wallin (The Swedish-speakers have only a handful of MPs yet two ministerial positions!)
Minister of European and Immigration Affair - Astrid Thors (new position)

And there are a few comments from Finland for Thought about some of the Centre Party ministers.

Ministry of Labour and Commerce - Mauri Pekkarinen (will be in charge of copyright legislation)...
Minister of Municipal and Administrative Affairs - Mari Kiviniemi (The new Tanja Saarela of the cabinet?)
Minister of Social Affairs and Health - Liisa Hyssälä (A real nanny-statist)

And then there are these comments on Kokoomus party members.

Minister of Education - Sari Sarkomaa (Or maybe she’s the new Tanja Saarela?)
Minister of Communications - Suvi Lindén (resigned from her position some years ago when she gave 1 million of your tax money to her golf club)

Since the U.S. doesn't have a parliamentary system, I don't know what happens next. I vaguely know that Winston Churchill got sent to the back benches and ended up painting a lot until France was invaded. Not sure what Saarela will do.


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