Tuesday, April 17, 2007


While looking for information on Rush Limbaugh and restless legs syndrome, I ran across this entry in something called the Uncyclopedia.

Limbaugh was born in 1951 in a white cream sauce mixed with genetic material from V.I.Lenin. The identity of his parents is unknown since he was found by a brother and sister from a trailer park floating down the Missouri river in a buoyant wicker basket filled with fried chicken. After they found the baby Rusty (trombone) they decided to marry (the honorable thing to do when a man and woman acquire a baby – by whatever means). Rush is a DJ on Air America Radio, the worlds top rated christian music station. He is currently in a feud with Karl Rove. They are fighting over a ham and cheese sandwich....

Rush had said that he found a clean source of energy. He said, "Get the people who have 'Restless Leg syndrome' to power the generators at all power plants.

But Uncyclopedia is fair and balanced, as can be seen in the cleaner portions of the entry about the guy who was on my stage:

Bill "Gates" Clinton (1456-7173) was the 69th President of the United States of America, and a known torpedophile is also the last saxophone player that the jazz quartet Presidential Groovez ever had. He is a legend among men as he claimed he didnt "put his ... into Lewinskys ... and he was telling the truth-She only gave him ... and can you blame him i mean Hillary's no prize pig herself. He never lied under oath, that is a damn conservative lie, as he is the most honest person in the universe (so says Al Franken)....


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