Friday, April 13, 2007

Time on the roundup - twelve forty

No new news from Orange County Superior Court yet.

A European blogger has posted part of an e-mail that he/she found.

Anyway, Steve Mikulan actually checked this out with the NBPD - it would have been a national-level story if Dr. B[r]onner soap had been the basis of the arrest. It turned out that the bottle was actually full of GHB, which is to say roofies. I wish that it were Dr. B[r]onner. Or as somebody at the Weekly said, “Don Bolles uses soap?'’

Let's re-examine the Los Angeles Times article from Bad Cop News:

But police allegedly whipped out their drug-testing gear, a ODV 905 reagents test, and dropped some powder into the soap, and it turned color. Then they told Bolles he was under arrest for possessing a controlled substance: GHB.

“He was arrested for violating 11377(a) of the Health and Safety Code, and that was for the GHB,” says Sgt. Evan Sailor of the Newport Beach Police Department.

Bolles claims he’d heard of the drug but thought it was some kind of steroid, having never tried it. In actuality, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is an anesthetic once popular with the rave culture for its mellow, friendly vibe as an intoxicant and also called a date-rape drug because, like Rohypnol, it can be undetectable when mixed with water. In any case, Bolles insists that the only thing in that bottle was soap.

Asked whether the police field test had any history of false positives, Sailor says, “Not that I’m aware of. We do our preliminary testing of the substance, and then it’s sent up to the county crime lab for more testing.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s office, which administers county Forensic Science Services, was not able to verify that the case had come to their lab by press time.

Turns out the original e-mail above came from Metroblogging Los Angeles. (It's by 5000! (Spencer Cross).) Steven Mikulan writes for the L.A. Weekly, but as of today there are no recent Don Bolles stories there.


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