Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hilda Solis and Out of State Restraining Orders (California SB218 in 1999, California Penal Code 166, and Jimmy Michael Giorsetti aka Don Bolles)

Back in early 1999, California State Senator (now U.S. Congresswoman) Hilda L. Solis introduced Senate Bill 218. As it was winding its way through the Senate, Solis' press officer issued a press release which included the following.

Judy Martinez
May 25, 1999


Sacramento - Senator Hilda L. Solis' comprehensive domestic violence bill moved closer to becoming a law as it passed the Senate Floor with a bipartisan 26-5 vote today. The legislation strengthens domestic violence laws with regard to possession of firearms, enforcement of out-of-state restraining orders, counseling and sentencing requirements and county domestic violence death review teams....

Under SB 218, out-of-state restraining orders would be enforced with the same protections as those issued in California; those who violate restraining orders will be arrested; and courts will have the discretion of providing restraining orders in languages other than English.

However, the main point used to sell the bill was the gun thingie. The bill was described as an omnibus bill (definition of omnibus - get everything on the bus that you can, even if you have to take out the seats to do it).

A lot of people got on the omnibus:

The legislation is supported by a diverse group of law enforcement and women's organizations including the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault; Asian Law Alliance; AVANCE Human Services, Inc.; Baldwin Park Chief of Police, California Alliance Against Domestic Violence; Calif. Commission on the Status of Women; Calif. Child, Youth and Family Coalition; California Peace Officers' Association; California Police Chief's Association; California Psychiatric Association; California State Sheriff's Association; California Women's Lawyers; House of Ruth; Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles; Junior League of Los Angeles; Korean Health, Education, Information and Research Center; March of Dimes; Sacramento County Sheriff's Department; Women Against Gun Violence; Women For; and YWCA of Greater Los Angeles.

I couldn't find a lot of discussion about the out of state order enforcement provision, but you can bet that a lot of people are paying attention to it now, after the Jimmy Michael Giorsetti (Don Bolles) charges were filed (including two charges related to California Penal Code 166).


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