Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to lose followers and disinfluence people

As you may have seen, I've been tweeting some selected sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2007 - generally just for my own Twitter followers, but occasionally for those who are following the @oow feed.

Even when using Twitter, which is the most casual sort of blogging by far, my mind still craves organization, an outline. Therefore, when Andy Mendelsohn announced during his keynote that he was going to introduce five customers, I was in heaven. Presto! Outline.

Tom Kyte made my job even easier. Even before the session started, I knew that the title was "The Top 10 - No, 11 - New Features of Oracle Database 11g." That made it Staples:

@oow #openworld07 at moscone south 103 for tom kyte 11g session-long standby list-tweets (at least 11) @oemperor

So I started tweeting - while taking notes by hand, trading tweets with another person in the same session (Eddie Awad), and receiving two telephone calls. I won't reproduce the tweets at this time - I hope to use them as an outline to dig into Oracle Database 11g in a more organized fashion some time later, but a couple of examples will suffice to show what I was doing.

#openworld07 5 smaller more secure dump files (data pump compression encryption)

(Note that this ties in with a whole session on Oracle Data Pump that I attended earlier in the day, in which both compression and encryption were discussed. When I hear things a couple of times in Oracle OpenWorld sessions, they even penetrate MY brain. Maybe.)

#openworld07 10 finer grained dependency tracking (fewer invalidations)

Anyway, after that, I suddenly got this tweet from @arnold:

stop oemperor

So, after I typed Kyte's 11th point, I replied:

@arnold that was last one-at least until oracle database version 12 comes out :)

But I was happy to hear that my informative notes from Kyte's session meant something:

I like how you spoke about Oracle's encrypted database dump. =)

If Twitter had a dumpster like Truemors does, I'm there, d00d.

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