Monday, November 26, 2007

As goes Singapore, so goes Finland

This is from Jami:

The whole Singapore MDA thing last night made me remember a somewhat similar venture by Finnish politicians.. it was back during 2006 presidential elections, and called Tarja Rap. That 'Tarja', just btw, is our president. xD Although such a shame, she doesn't appear in this video. Just a whole bunch of other politicians (and the parliamentary building). The ones who appear in this video decided to call themselves 'Nine for 9&Jouni', that Jouni being the token male in the video. The rest are all female. xD The song is in Finnish, though, so the lol factor might not be so high if you can't understand it.

The video is here.

Don't know who the Cassandra Tay of Finland is, or whether he/she was also targeting China and Cannes with this Suomi video, or whether censorship was discussed. Or whether those two kids appeared in the video and asked funny questions, or whether Forss Fagerstrom had any comment, or if Lex Karpela was discussed.

By the way, speaking of Karpela, Finland for Thought has run this item:

Former Miss Finland and current MP, Tanja...Saarela, and film director/Matthew Perry-lookalike, Olli Saarela, are divorcing - Which is great news for me cause my salarakas is now single once again!

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