Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Forss Fagerstrom Hits America as an Ontario, California automobile dealer

It seems that every newspaper or TV station is running this. I found this copy at KEGT Channel 17 Bakersfield.

MARK CHRISTOPHER CHARITY CLASSIC, Empire Lakes Golf Course, Rancho Cucamonga, California - Kevin Na won this title last year, but is not on hand to defend.

Na is a member of the PGA Tour, where he has three top 10s this year. He is 98th on the money list and in good shape to retain his tour card.

This is the eighth year Empire Lakes Golf Course is hosting the event.

The Golf Channel will have coverage of all four rounds this week.

But people in Bakersfield or wherever may be asking to meet Mark Christopher. But you have as much of a chance of meeting Mr. Mark Christopher as you do Mr. Led Zeppelin, Mr. Pink Floyd, or Mr. Forss Fagerstrom. About the Ontario car dealer ownership:

Mark and Christopher Leggio, the brothers who own and operate the Mark Christopher Auto Center, signed a 3-year extension to continue as Title Sponsor of the Nationwide Tour event hosted at Empire Lakes Golf Club in Rancho Cucamonga.

But let's return to the Mr. Forss Fagerstrom who amused Conan O'Brien so much when he visited Finland. Turns out that "Forss Fagerstrom" is the "Mark Christopher" of Helsinki:

I don't know if this was obvious to the people that watched this show, but the "Forss Fagerstrom" on the door was actually two different person's last names. Someone whose last name was Forss and someone whose name is Fagerstrom.

A moment of sadness. When my DVR failed, I also lost my copy of Conan's visit to Finland, which I had never put on DVD. My bad.

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Anonymous said...

You can buy the episode on iTunes for $1.99