Sunday, November 25, 2007

More vibrancy on the Singapore media development video

See my previous comments, as well as the video, here.

From Bill Claxton, who wasn't as enamored with the lyrics as I was:

I enjoyed the creativity and liveliness of the piece, even if it's a bit overburdoned with "mission statements and action plans". Gotta say that MDA's Communications Director Cassandra Tay, who created it, has some guts.

Nicholas Aaron Koo added this:

This geek's conclusion: They can't really dance, nor can they really rap.

But, hey, neither can I!

So for all those with negative comments, maybe you can do better? At least they try. And I sure hope they know how to make Singapore a vibrant media hub!

And Simply Jean reproduces material from the Straits Times (who will presumably create their own video at some point):

The top brass in the Media Development Authority (MDA) have pulled in 20,000 views on the video-sharing website YouTube in just two days....

The MDA video...features the agency’s senior people jabbing their fingers in the air and rapping about a vibrant Singapore.

It was produced to showcase the agency’s work on the media scene.

The brainchild of MDA communications director Cassandra Tay, the four-minute clip was first shown at a staff conference in April.

It was also screened at the reception areas of offices and to new staff.

The rap video was so well received that it was later sent to those in the industry in a memory drive together with the agency’s annual report.

A version was also put on its website.

Decay On Net provides some background:

The video was filmed by TV production company threesixzero Productions, with the "rappers" doing their thang against a green screen, and the visuals added in later.

The music was written by Bernard Teo of local rap band, Chou Pi Jiang, and lyrics by Mohd Sharin, with some input from MDA. The video took about a month to do.

Chou Pi Jiang's website is here. Threesixzero Productions can be found here.


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