Monday, March 12, 2007

Klingons do not respect former beauty queens

Remember Klingon-speaking Finnish legislator Jyrki Kasvi? Well, his political views oppose those of Tarja Saarela.

There is this scumbag as our playground minister in Finland, Tanja Karpela (or something like that, I don’t remember her new surname as she apparently got married). She set through and implemented a law dubbed nowadays as “Lex Karpela”. This law outlaws file swapping between private persons. It also gives the media companies some privilege unfound of before. This madness is incredible. How can such a law be ratified in a free society such as Finland? Think of Lex Karpela as somekind of finnish version of the DMCA....Tanja Karpela is an ex-miss finland or something like that, and is therefore famous. She is totally and completely incompetant for the job as a minister in finland. And in her incompetance she goes to create laws such as Lex Karpela....Scum like Karpela should be ejected from the government, or atleast made a normal member of parliament who hasn’t got any real power. Because Lex Karpela is what you get for having incompetant fools running the country....

I think I will be voting for Jyrki Kasvi (51), because he seems like a level headed person who has expertice in computer business, and most importantly, he voted against Lex Karpela. It’s hard for me to explain how deeply I despise the parliament for allowing through a law like Lex Karpela. If nothing else, the president should have had to prevent the law from being ratified. But she was more than eager to ratify it.

As a result of this law, several things happened. Electronic Frontier Finland nominated Saarela for its Big Brother award, saying the following about her:

kulttuuriministeri Tanja Karpela: Toimintaperiaatteiltaan kyseenalaisen internetin esto-ohjelman tehokkaasta markkinoinnista ja ohjelman ongelmien tyylikkäästä väistelystä

No, I have no idea what it says. But I have learned the Finnish words for "stupid cow."

Here are some interesting Google Bombs (A deliberate attempt to rank a website higher in Google searches for a particular word). The Google algorithm work this way; if a website is linked by other sites through a particular word then Google will top that site in its search results for that particular word. This is being exploited by netizens and led to Google bombing....

Tyhma lehma, Finnish for 'stupid cow', used to brought up home page of Tanja Karpela, Finnish Culture Minister.

Which reminds me that I haven't googlebombed myself lately. It looks like the (now retired) Ontario Empoblog will remain Cindy Margolisless for a while to come.


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