Friday, December 12, 2008

Kim Amidon promotes K-EARTH 101 Christmas music programming

I was driving into work this morning, listening to the radio, and I heard a commercial for Los Angeles radio station K-EARTH 101. The commercial announced that, once you got to work, you should tune into K-EARTH 101 and listen to Christmas music. (I was listening to CBS sister station KNX at the time, and K-EARTH presumably assumed that KNX listeners would continue listening to that station as long as they were driving.)

So, which K-EARTH 101 deejay was chosen to voice this radio commercial?

You guess it - Kim Amidon, formerly of Clear Channel's KOST.

For those who are outside of the Los Angeles area, I should explain that Kim Amidon was a long-time deejay at KOST who was unceremoniously dumped by the station (and subsequently hired by K-EARTH), and that KOST is famous for its "all Christmas music programming" between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So the use of Amidon was an obvious attempt to lure disgruntled KOST listeners away.

I haven't seen a ratings book, but I have seen the comments to this previous post of mine, and the comments in FriendFeed, so I know that there are disgruntled KOST listeners out there.

I guess KOST will have to respond by trashing K-EARTH's oldies format and implying that Mark Wallengren and Kristin Cruz are hip and with-it.

Radio wars can be fun.

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