Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Disqus commenters are smarter than me, and better informed

One of the major things that a blogger should do is to check blog comments and respond to them. Sometimes I neglect this activity, but I happened to check this evening and found two valuable comments today.

One was from a post that I wrote today about the Oracle Technology Network mailing lists. In that post, I originally stated:

The answer is probably situational, but Oracle Technology Network's decision to provide information in a vertical sense is an interesting one to watch.

Justin Kestelyn nicely offered a comment to correct this:

The approach is actually horizontal, not vertical (based on roles).

You'll recall that Kestelyn's newsletter stated the following:

Starting next month, this newsletter becomes Oracle's Dev2DBA newsletter, focusing strictly on the interests of database application developers and DBAs (a diverse group itself.) Java developers should subscribe to Oracle's Dev2Dev Newsletter, architects to Oracle's Arch2Arch Newsletter, and .NET developers to Oracle's .NET Developer Newsletter.

I stand corrected, and my blog post stands corrected also (via the magic of strike and strong).

Incidentally, in his Disqus comment, Kestelyn also stated:

Each of these roles has different types of needs, but that doesn't mean that the "complete, open, integrated" message doesn't apply equally to each role.

You'll recall that Kestelyn asked OTN members to comment on the change in the newsletters. I wonder what other people have said.

So my confusion of the vertical and horizontal in today's post shows that I can be clueless. But I am also behind the times. Back on October 8, I wrote a post entitled Kim Amidon Officially Replaced. For those who don't know the name, Amidon was a former deejay at Los Angeles radio station KOST-FM, who committed the sin of getting too old and making too much money. She was fired from KOST, and eventually replaced with a younger, less expensive woman.

She actually left the air several months earlier, and in my April post, I quoted from an Orange County Register article in which she seemed relieved to be out of radio:

"I never wanted to do radio for money. I always said I just wanted to do it for fun, and the fun got harder to have, and the stress of it all. So I am happy to be away from that now."

So I figured Amidon was done with radio. I was wrong, as Irene pointed out in a Disqus comment:

I, too, no longer listen to KOST and have changed all my radios at home, in my vehicle and at work to KEarth. And, of course was delighted to hear Kim return to the airwaves at KEarth.

So I investigated this Monday, November 24 OC Register article:

Kim Amidon, dismissed one year ago after a 22-year run on the KOST/103.5 FM morning show with Mark Wallengren, has joined classic hits K-Earth 101.1 FM. She will be heard on the air beginning at midnight Wednesday night [November 26].

I don't know if her show is actually live, or if she tapes it in advance. But I wish Kim Amidon well.

And thanks to Justin and Irene for keeping me on track.

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