Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Possible solutions to the wusb54gc.exe CPU usage problem


This thread at PC Pitstop Forums offered an idea.

I ended up here, reading an entry from pc_tech_64 (with a notation of "Banned"). Anyway, here's what pc_tech_64 said:

hah, well after giving up for close to a month on how to disable the linksys connection manager that would suck up insane amounts of memory i finally did what i thought impossible. tonight i sat down and just randomly decided to switch from that over to the wireless network wizard and then went into my services and set the linksys wireless manager service to manual, rebooted, and tada! its no longer running and consuming memory and i have an active connection to the internet. and a nice bonus is i am down to 18 processes at bootup!

ElizabethN offered this suggestion, which she said she got from a Linksys community forum:

"I don't have this wireless card, but I've got the WUSB54GC, which is a compact usb version of the same thing I think. Anyway, something very similar was happening to my drivers on my comp. 100% cpu usage and a huge memory leak also mentioned on other topics around here. what i did was just right clicked on the icon in the system tray, and told selected the option to use window's wireless configuration. problem solved. the problem seems to be in their wireless application, but the drivers work just fine."

Tursiops_G offered similar advice at

I'm not entirely positive about this, but Try right-clicking on the Linksys Wireless Adapter icon in the system tray, and see if there is an option to let Windows XP handle the wireless connection, rather than the Linksys Connection Manager application...

You'll recall that when I had my last CPU usage issue with the Norton software, I tried using Windows instead of the ZyXEL software. Then I went back to the ZyXEL software after that didn't solve the cursor freeze issue that I had at the time.

But I'll try switching from the Linksys software to standard Windows software to see what that does.

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