Thursday, July 17, 2008

It didn't

This morning, I tried to go to the page but got timed out before I could do so.

I checked in FriendFeed's lastfmfeeds room, but no one else was having this problem.

Finally I got through...and discovered something new:

We’ve been listening hard, trying out new ideas, and making tons of changes in response to your feedback. Today we’ve taken the next step in this process, bringing the new to everyone.

Turn up the volume and have a look around
For those of you who are veteran users, you’ll notice we’ve taken a step back to make our feature set more coherent. Don’t worry, we haven’t taken much away*, just re-organised.

Along with putting straight our clutter, we’ve cleaned house too: the user interface has been re-aligned to be a more robust foundation for features to come, and we’ve updated the look and feel. This is an evolution of the interface, and it won’t stop developing either—we’re inspired by iterative change and dedicated to adapting the service.

Some critical pieces to the experience have been added, and a few old pieces dusted and polished.

So I went ahead and tried to play my library - and got timed out again.

Chances are that this could be caused by one of two problems:

  • A problem on the servers themselves. Yes, I know that my fellow lastfmfeeds users weren't having any problems, but recently updated its message with the undated update message "Need…more…power! We just lost an entire rack of webservers, please stand by while we restore normal service..."

  • A problem on my end. This isn't the first time that I've had problems connecting to, but this is the worst example, inasmuch as I can't connect to any of the stations at this time. I suspect that a possible cause might be my employer-mandated Internet Explorer 6. Yeah, I know. (For the record, I recently checked with IT and discovered that IE7 can only be used if there is a clear business purpose for doing so; I don't think listening qualifies.)
Well, whatever the cause, I haven't been able to listen to at all today.

So I joined Pandora.

I even tried to find an RSS feed that would show all of the songs that I've played on Pandora, but was unable to do so. (P.S. How do you delete a FriendFeed room?)

And Pandora doesn't work on my Motorola Q on Verizon.

I'll continue to monitor the situation. Hopefully this is just a blip, but if is no longer accessible from work, I'll continue to explore other music options.

[8:40 PM - PART TWO.]

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