Sunday, July 20, 2008

It didn't, part three

The Sunday night followup to my continuing woes. See part one and part two, posted previously.

In the FriendFeed thread that I started when I first began to have problems after the upgrade, Jason Toney stated the following:

Most people are uncomfortable with change.

Although this was in response to my general thought that people would object to the update even if everything worked properly, it also probably applied to my refusal to change from using the in-line application.

Tonight I bit the bullet, downloaded the software to my home computer, and changed my preferences to use the software instead of the in-line application. And things are working fine.

(Of course, I now have to download the software to my work computer, which is running Internet Explorer 6. Bad things could still happen.)

Now I can devote myself to figuring out how the new update works. But Michael W. May (joffi) already shared a post that starts to explain the differences.

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