Monday, June 2, 2008

Sticking to schedule

Despite my previous experiences, I continue to use and abuse Blogger's scheduled post feature. In fact, this very post was written at lunch on Thursday, May 29, which shows that post scheduling can occur at any time - well, provided it's before the time at which the post is supposed to appear, I guess.

Unless you really want to take a risk, scheduled posts shouldn't have to do with breaking news, or even with current events. Can any of us predict what the hot issue will be in the 2008 campaign a month from now? (When I say "now," I mean May 29, not June 2. This is getting confusing.)

Actually, I am making some good use of scheduled posts to get some series of the way, especially on the "Empoprises" blogs.

  • For some time now, the Empoprise-IE blog has included a daily feature that highlights an Inland Empire-related web site.

  • If all goes well (remember James 4), then the Empoprise-NTN blog is starting a short series that highlights a few of the more popular NTN/Buzztime bar trivia games.
And even this blog is getting (back) into the act, with an occasional series called "Short Attention Span Theater." The less said about that, the better.

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