Friday, February 8, 2008

James 4 Revisited (Randy Simmons and others)

I've previously noted in this blog that James 4:13-14 pretty much states that you can't ever guarantee that you will be able to do something that you said you would do. Most significantly, see my post about Antonio Puerta. Least significantly, see my posts about nonrefundable airline tickets, or my aborted trip to Henderson, Nevada.

LA Observed links to a testimony to that fact. From Robert C.J. Parry:

The first time I set eyes on Los Angeles Police Department Officer Randy Simmons, he was lifting a 200-pound man off the ground. In an enthusiastic bear hug.

Simmons, a large, gregarious rock of a man was warmly embracing a long-time friend, and fellow LAPD SWAT officer, who had graciously invited me to take a peek inside their fraternity, at the annual SWAT Dinner.

That was barely 10 days ago. No one in that room at the Police Academy, no matter how tactically cynical, could anticipate that less than two weeks later, Simmons would be the first man from the Metropolitan Division’s “D Platoon,” as SWAT is officially known, to die in a gun fight.

But I don't think I've ever blogged about one of the spookier James 4 moments that I've heard about. One day in July, former Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale went on a business trip. He had become a broadcaster:

By 1988, Drysdale had his dream job as Dodger broadcaster, alongside Vin Scully. He told close friends his life was complete. "We'd see him on TV on the road," Meyers said. "He'd do his opening bit, and the kids would go up to the TV and kiss him. They'd say, "How come daddy doesn't say hi.' "

And then he left...for a road trip to Montreal. He seemed in decent health, other than a popped blood vessel in his eye, suffered in a Dodger Stadium fall a few days before.

"I'd seen him on television after Friday night's game on July 2," Meyers said. "I thought he looked good, though a little tired, but that's not unusual. He's always running around."

The next game was on Saturday.

Drysdale was first missed when the Dodgers boarded the bus for the trip to the Expos' ball park for their Saturday night game. When he hadn't arrived by game time, the police were called to the team hotel and found Drysdale's body upon breaking into his locked room.

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