Friday, May 2, 2008

Testing the Future Dated Post Feature of Blogger

It's Thursday evening, 10:15 pm Pacific time, and I'm reading this post:

Scheduled post publishing, which we talked about testing on Blogger in draft last month, is now live for everyone. If you set a post’s date into the future, Blogger will wait to publish until that time comes.

Have you ever wanted to announce something on a certain date but knew you wouldn’t be at a computer to make a post? Or you wanted to keep posting regularly but knew you’d be on vacation for a few weeks? Scheduled post publishing is here to help you out.

So I'm going to give this thing a whirl, and set it to publish Friday morning. I'll probably be in the middle of my work commute when this posts, but I think you'll be able to tell that THIS post wasn't sent from the mobile phone.

So, on a practical purpose, how will I use this? Inasmuch as many of the things that I write about change from day to day, I'm not quite sure how I'll be able to predict that a future post will actually make sense in the future. Should I write a post today, date it January 19 2009, and write about the excitement over President-elect Obama's inauguration? Not sure.

Oh well, maybe I'll find a use for it.

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