Monday, April 28, 2008

Midday Update on "Read and Comment Day"

(See my previous posts, as well as Chris Brogan's post, for contextual enhancement.)

Rather than creating original output, I've been spending the day responding to the output of others, either marking items in Google Reader and then commenting on them, or finding interesting conversations in Disqus, or liking things in MojiPage/FriendFeed.

Although it's not necessary to refrain from creating original content today, I'm trying to do so (this post being an obvious exception). I'm using my FriendFeed feed and my FriendFeed discussion feed to keep myself honest, making sure that I'm responding to others rather than launching my own junk today.

I was thinking about keeping a record of every blog post that I commented upon today, but decided not to do so, primarily because it's such a hassle to do so.

So, what is the most valuable thing that I've learned so far today? How to change the language in so that this idiot American is able to read profiles such as this. (The language control is in the upper right corner.)

And that's a good enough lesson to learn today.

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