Sunday, April 27, 2008

Overanalyzing "Read and Comment Day"

You'll recall Chris Brogan's suggestion (in his post "Spend a Day Reading and Commenting") that people spend Monday, April 28...reading and commenting. This RSSmeme entry indicates that I'm not the only person who was influenced by Brogan's suggestion.

It's no surprise that the idea is spreading, given Brogan's influence and readership. But how best to participate?

(Warning: overanalysis ensues.)

In my case, my biggest challenge is the fact that so much of my access is mobile. While this allows me to add metacoments to posts (via MojiPage and FriendFeed), I believe that my comments would be better placed on the blog posts themselves. This is tough on a mobile platform, since Blogspot's native commenting feature doesn't work well on Windows Mobile 5. Neither does Disqus (yet).

I may end up sharing a TON of stuff on Google Reader mobile, and commenting on it later.

Be advised, however, that if your post requires me to sign up for a new service, it ain't gonna happen.

So let's see what tomorrow brings. Should be fun.

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