Monday, March 3, 2008

Why I treat the web as my own personal playground

The Cabal (TINC) is going to revoke my Web license soon.

I was scanning the globe and I ran across a Robert Scoble link to Joy of Tech post 1077. It's a cartoon with some dialogue. A sample:

Robert Scoble, we come from the future!

We are here to harvest your tear glands!

Yes, it's a comic based upon Scoble's reaction to WorldWide Telescope, something that I've discussed a couple of times in this blog.

Now the personal playground part. Taking my cue from bad movie reviews, I posted the following response in the Scobleizer blog, but only went partway.

I laughed, I…”never mind”!

Now in my response, you may have noticed that I put the words "never mind" in quotes. This is not a "poor" example of "emphasis" and a "misuse" of "English." No, I quoted on purpose, because I was referring to one of George Shinn's lines in "The Music Man." I've referred to it before. I'll probably refer to it again. I have to learn my lines, you know.

But now I have to follow a tradition (Tradition!). In my last two posts about Scoble's tear ducts, I posted appropriate YouTube videos from Godley & Creme, and from Roy Orbison. And I can't break tradition, can I?

(Embedding disabled by request. Follow this link.)

P.S. Is it painful for you to watch that video today?

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