Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of course, now Mike's gonna regret this


Trust me. He's gonna regret what I just said I liked.

Let's face it - I like western synth music with high voices. Did Klaus Nomi ever play a New Order guitar?

As George Shinn would say, "Never mind!"

It all started this afternoon, a little while before the #starbout. I was getting ready to leave work... (cue the flashback sequence)

gotta quit listening to cyndi lauper (time after time, not true colors), listen to debate, and look for evidence of the #starbout (12 min)

But then...

the best laid plans...last.fm is playing real life's "send me an angel." don't know what to do. don't know what to do.

And then, after a few more tweets, one of which elicited a reply from Mr. Doe, it got really bad.

Audiomicroblogged TwitterGram http://tinyurl.com/3x8clr

I 'splained, but to no avail.

Perhaps when they send me an angel, I'll get this one.

Hey, it's contemporary.

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