Monday, March 3, 2008

President 30 - Outsider

Wow, I made it to Coolidge, who succeeded to the office upon Warren Harding's death, and who got to the Vice Presidency via the statehouse.

But let's not say a lot about Coolidge. He'd prefer it that way.

Incidentally, the only reason that I didn't continue beyond Coolidge is because I can't remember off the top of my head what Harding did other than edit newspapers. Nor do I care.

But frankly, an exploration of the 19th century path to the Presidency would be more fascinating than the 20th. While most of the Presidents we discussed fall into either the "Governor" camp or the "Senator" camp, you had a lot of generals in the 19th century, the strange resume of Theodore Roosevelt, and one guy who served a brief stint in Congress but who ended up as one of the greatest Presidents of all time - Abraham Lincoln.

I welcome your comments and your thoughts.

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