Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stove Top Smorgasbord of Figure Skating, Basketball, Death, and Life

Originally I was going to make this into five separate blog posts, but I didn't feel like creating a tangled web of interlinks. I'll try to be succinct.

Skating to "We Are The Waccos"?

I got an email from my favorite Finnish figure skater a couple of days ago, and found out that all three of my favorite Finnish figure skaters are in Sweden at the moment. 2FFFS and 3FFFS are competing in the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships. Weird Vision has posted the results of the Ladies' Short Program, and 3FFFS (known to the world as Kiira Korpi) is doing very well. Here's a sample of the scores of some of the 24 competitors:

1 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 64.28 1
2 Mao ASADA JPN 64.10 2
3 Yukari NAKANO JPN 61.10 3
4 Kiira KORPI FIN 60.58 4


9 Kimmie MEISSNER USA 57.25 9
10 Beatrisa LIANG USA 52.81 10
11 Ashley WAGNER USA 51.49 11


21 Laura LEPISTO FIN 45.41 21
22 Melinda Sherilyn WANG TPE 44.77 22
23 Elene GEDEVANISHVILI GEO 44.06 23
24 Tamar KATZ ISR 43.58 24

I feel bad for Laura Lepisto (2FFFS), but I'm still very happy that she's competing at the world level.

Incidentally, it's good that I'm not running figure skating, because I'd probably do things that Such as encouraging the ladies to develop a routine to "We Are The Waccos." Not the image that figure skating wants to portray, I think.

Shooting to "Badger Badger Badger Badget Titan Titan"

I got another email, this one from a former co-worker, who forwarded a Wisconsin alumni alert regarding the NCAA men's basketball tournament. I usually ignore this tournament since my undergraduate school (Reed College) doesn't participate in the NCAA, but this year my graduate school (Cal State Fullerton) is represented, and is taking on the Wisconsin Badgers tonight in Anaheim at 6:40 pm.

I turned to an Omaha paper to get the rundown:

Much has been made of the different styles that will clash tonight when Wisconsin meets Cal State Fullerton in the NCAA basketball tournament.

The Badgers are Big Ten tough, relying on hard-nosed defense and a Sominex-like offensive approach. The Titans are West Coast smooth, a run-and-gun bunch that will be looking to keep the pace as fast as possible.

However, I will not be monitoring the game, because...

Eating to "Tommy Can You Hear Me"

...I'll be in a robe, without my glasses, and definitely without my cell phone. Tonight is Maundy Thursday, and I will be participating in a re-creation of the Last Supper. This year it features the foot-washing, and also includes speaking parts for most of the disciples. I am portraying Thomas. Our lines not only reflect what our characters said at the Last Supper, but also what happened to us before and after that event. For example, I refer to my willingness to die with Jesus (a reference to the seventh miracle in John) and for my failure to understand enough (a reference to the week after the Resurrection).

Reading to "The Man In Black"

I'm allowed to wear my cell phone on Friday as I participate in the Good Friday service. Perhaps you saw my Good Friday tweet:

got my readings for good friday. fifth word: mt 27:11-26. sixth word: mk 15:16-32

Reading to "Walk of Life"

I'm also allowed to wear my cell phone on Easter Sunday. Incidentally, this is the first time that I've participated in all three services. This was a happy accident, since I usually read scripture on the fourth Sunday anyway. I also did an Easter tweet, referring to an old Tony Campolo video:

it's friday, but sunday's coming. (tony campolo) got my readings for easter sunday. first: acts 10:34-43. second: col 3:1-4.

So that's my next four days. How about yours?

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