Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jarring Juxtaposition

I'm not sure what it means when I drive by Tom's Farms -

Actually, before I get into this, I should explain what's happened to Tom's Farms. When I first moved to California in 1983, Tom's Farms was a fruit stand and furniture place that was out in the middle of nowhere, not too far from the original Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa. These days, Glen Ivy has branches in malls, and Tom's Farms might as well be in a mall, because the original open spaces are long since gone, and Tom's Farms is hemmed in by all sorts of businesses, which are themselves hemmed in by all sorts of new housing springing up in that stretch of Riverside County.

Regardless, Tom's Farms still has a bit of that old-homey feeling, kinda like a Cracker Barrel without the glitz.

So, I'm not sure what it means when I drive by Tom's Farms while listening to this song:

We never see the daylight
We never watch the time
We love fast food
We are the wackos

These are the lyrics to "We Are The Wackos" [7/26 - UM, NO] by Basshunter, a Swedish one-man band (the man being Jonas Erik Altberg) of the synthetica variety.

Basshunter is better known for "Boten Anna," a song about a supposed bot who turns out to be a live person. (Hey, some of us are riveted by this kind of stuff.)

Anyway, Tom's Farms, despite the changes over the years, is not a night kind of place. So this jarring juxtaposition lingered in my mind all the way down Interstate 15.

Which, when you name the freeway, reminds one of another synthetic song, this one by the Stan Ridgway-era Wall of Voodoo. (Video link here.)

They aren't gonna let me on any more mototrips after this junk.

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