Monday, December 31, 2007

Stove Top, 31 December 2007

OK, so I'm writing what will probably be my last post of the year 2007, which would be an opportune time to review what this relatively new blog accomplished in 2007. Or perhaps it would be a time to discuss the last few days - Christmas, birthday, Vegas trip, illness. But instead I'm just gonna rehash some stuff that I read in my Google Reader thingie.

In fact, we'll start by talking about the Google Reader thingie itself. Andrew Chen performed an experiment, but I never bothered to see how it turned out. Optimal Experience switched back to Google Reader. Stuff happens. And if you want more Google Reader coverage, check out Steve Rubel's post.

David Allen was eating in my neighborhood, though not at a chain. David Allen doesn't do chains.

And speaking about non-trendiness, Jon Ray talked about networking in the real world. (Actually, the idea isn't as far fetched as it seems. Even with all of our virtual tools and the like, my southern California location puts me out of the loop, both in a business and a personal sense. There's nothing like being there.) And if you don't want to talk to normal people, you can learn how to network with bloggers.

Meanwhile, at 9:00 Chris Messina sat back in his chair, and he don't know why he lose his hair. (Sorry, but when I've even snuck my old love for Wall of Voodoo into an important corporate presentation, something like this is bound to happen.) Anyway, Chris talked about the evolution of hashtags a while back. (I hope Messina has a passing familiarity with the songs in the "Call of the West" album. I don't want him to be staring at his head all day.)

Meanwhile, Tara (onepinktee) reports on Ron Blachut's failed attempt to win a date with Gloria Steinem by way of his wit.

And while I was doing the junk that I do, WiredPig was being subjected to random violence on TriMet.

He was worse off than the man who got a $54,000 cell phone bill after apparently violating "fair use" (translation: it's fair use if the company can charge you premium rates).

There were a lot of Christmas things that I read that are outdated, and this one is probably outdated also, but I wanted to reproduced it anyway. Kiira Korpi is speaking in Finnish, but I think her message has to do with taquitos. (P.S. Laura Lepisto appears on the far right in the last frame.)

It's time to say goodbye, as TechCrunch, Mashable, and Zoli say goodbye to Netspace. TechCrunch and Mashable also talk about those fun-loving folks at the RIAA, with Mashable hoping that we'll say goodbye to them also; Robert Scoble adds his take. And Ruben Navarrette says goodbye to Tom Tancredo by bashing the Minutemen. Meanwhile, Techcrunch, TechFold, and Robert Scoble say goodbye to unrestricted Internet access in Australia.

I haven't followed up on this whopper other than True Discernment's statement about it, but this was an interesting little quote attributed to Joel Osteen:

Mitt Romney has said that he believes in Christ as his savior, and that’s what I believe, so, you know, I’m not the one to judge the little details of it.

Couple this with Rowan Williams' reported statement that the story of the Magi "works quite well as legend." And yet another story of Hindu violence against Indian Christians.

Presumably John at True Discernment hasn't bookmarked Bill Marriott's New Year's greeting on YouTube.

Yes, 2008 is coming - for me, it will come in less than two hours. Francine Hardaway has made her predictions. But I'm not making any.

Happy new year, all.

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