Monday, January 28, 2008

Yo! Your Packs Rule!

I'm still digesting the meaning of the word "pack," but it's very clear that packs can be large.

Let's talk cancer. At my work location (roughly 200 people in this building), I know of four people who have been diagnosed with cancer over the last few years. All four of them have recovered fully, by the way.

There are also several people among my Twitter followers/following who have had cancer, so naturally the "pack" is sensitive to cancer stories. So when Queen of Spain (and probably others) tweeted the news of @whymommy's surgery, I responded.

As did a lot of other people, apparently, which is why @whymommy entitled a recent blog post "Overcome":

Are you convinced of the power of bloggers to touch people’s lives in “real life” in general? Perhaps you will be, after you see the list of mommies and bloggers who supported me this week, in addition to the hundreds and hundreds of supportive comments that appeared on this blog, the real-time tweets and messages, and all the email that has come in from friends and family....I’m going to make it through this, with your love and support.

Hugs and gratitude and love this week to Canape, Mamma Loves, DC Metro Moms, Stimeyland, Lawyer Mama, Queen of Spain, Slouching Mom, Motherhood Uncensored, I Can’t Complain Anymore Than Usual, Two Is Now Three, Two Lines on a Stick, It’s Not About That Anyway, Around the Island, A Decent Bookmark, A Mother’s Musings, The Dairy Wife, Dirty Laundry, All Things Angela, Anderson Family, Kim at BabyCenter, Baby Makes Family, Bubba’s Sis, Bubblewench, Coming to a Nursery Near You, Crazy Bananas, Do You Not Know What Causes That?, Pretty Babies, I Can Fly, Just Not Up, The Further Adventures of SpaceMom, GoodyBlog, Harmony in Motion, Hotfessional, Jen Lemen, Useless Ramblings, Tumble Dry, House of H, Fertile Mertile, What Works for Us, Mountain Momma, Coffee, Shoes, and Ramblings, Dirty Laundry, My Five Little Monkies, My Life As It Is, My Collective Life, Crib Chronicles, Karaoke Diva, Live from the Wang of America, Mom 2 2 Teens, A Bead a Day, Blonde Mom Blog, The Estrogen Files, The Farm House Kids, The Dana Files, The Fourth k h, Growing a Pair, Her Bad Mother, Hormone Colored Days, Just Another Mommy Blog, Just Enjoy Him, Lead Baby, Playgroups Are No Place for Children, Petroville, Phoenix Says, Pundit Mom, Daily Verses, Little Buggas, Sarah and the Goon Squad, So D.C., Chicken and Cheese, Zone Family, Life with Our Little Ladies, Andria and Co., “That” Psycho Family, Sassafrass, Ladybug & Lizards, Parentopia, Plans2Match, Marie Millard, Miss Zoot, Mrs. Fussypants, The Magpie Files, Make Mine a Quad, Nervous Girl, Mommy Needs a Cocktail, Mom, Ma’am, Me, Mommy and the Marine, Monkey Business, Monkeys and Marbles, The Mummy Chronicles, Never Too Late, Okay, Fine, D’it, Ontario Emperor, It’s My Life, Laugh if you Must, Mommy Dance, Slacker-moms-r-us, The Blogs of Life, Midwestern Mommy, Mommy to the Snugglebunnies, PediaScribe, The Pile I’m Standing In, The Ramblings of a Woman, Reality Testing, The Road to Home, TechMamas, Ten Minutes to Naptime, Tiny Mantras, Hearts Wide Open, Baby Cubed, The Butrfly Garden, Reflecting, Sunrays and Saturdays, Amy and Chris, Useless Ramblings, Veritable Life, Mayberry Mom, The Musing Mommy, Wheels on the Bus, Working Mama 24/7, Mommy Needs Coffee writing at BlogHer ... BabyMinding, Life with Hannah and Lilly, Mommy ... etc., Kat and Rob, My Collective Life, ...

I am overcome.

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Chris Brogan said...

In this case, "pack" meant like a pack of cards. In non-sports card games, there are things like "Expansion packs" for games like Magic: The Gathering. That's probably where I got that from. I've used the term for years, and yes, I used to be even geekier than today. : )

Ontario Emperor said...


Thanks for the clarification.

By the way, I saw your subsequent post about the negative reaction to the Twitter Packs effort, and I am frankly amazed. More later.

Ontario Emperor said...

It's now later. See my "leader of the pack" post, then check the comments.

Ontario Emperor said...

This is how I research future blog posts on social media.

(I couldn't embed the video in the comment itself. Sorry. It's Joy Division singing "She's Lost Control.")