Monday, January 28, 2008

Mixed messages

Perhaps I only noticed this because I post under an alias, but it was interesting, especially since I don't know if the stated prohibition (see below) applies to me.

I found this post in Google Reader, which reads in part:

I'd love some of my readers to leave a comment of where they're from, what they do, and their general interests.

Hopefully such a request will receive a couple of responses otherwise I'm going to look a little lonely ;)

But when you open up the comment window, the tone is slightly different:

I reject anonymous and unidentifiable author comments out of hand. If you're not brave enough to put your name on your work, don't comment.

I'm not picking on Chris Muir, but I find the contrast interesting. (And if my comment doesn't appear in his blog post, perhaps he finds my comment uninteresting.)

P.S. For some of the background regarding why I post under an alias, read this post. Or just the title of it. :)

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