Monday, January 21, 2008


Howard Rogers really really really shouldn't read this post, because it's kinda sorta a meme thing inspired by this tweet from Queen of Spain:

Show your support, pls. surgery time for @whymommy write a quick post, link to her post, and title it "Tomorrow."

The Tinyurl directs you to this Toddler Planet post, which reads in part:

When I started this series of posts on reasons I’m looking forward to surgery tomorrow, the double mastectomy that will remove my cancer and give me better odds against recurrence, I first thought, oh no, what I have I done? How on earth will I come up with 15 more reasons to look forward to a surgery so painful and disfiguring?

You can probably guess some of WhyMommy's reasons to continue to live - most of us have similar reasons. But this one was interesting:

Because my hair will grow back, and I am curious to see what color

Heck, I bet she'd be happy if it came back long as it came back, and she was around for a while longer.

OK, let me throw WhyMommy for a loop in return. When I think of the word "tomorrow," I often think of the song "Tomorrow (Sadio)" by Salif Keita. When I was first exposed to the song, it was in the context of Muhammad Ali, facing nearly impossible odds, getting ready to fight George Foreman - a fight which he won.

So, perhaps WhyMommy should float like a butterfly.

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