Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yup, there's a parody of Cassandra Tay's Singapore Media Development Authority Video

This blog has previously talked about censor-babe Cassandra Tay from the Singapore Media Development Authority. Her video, her songwriters, her repression, her Suomi predecessor, and her heritage.

I ran across this World Screen article. Excerpt:

Some have hailed the government organization’s efforts to project a hipper image, others have been less impressed. Comments posted on YouTube include “a disaster of epic proportions,” and “embarrassing,” as well as “these guys are doing something different!” and “something new and fresh.” The MDA appears to be taking the criticism in stride—the video is still on the website, and MDA corporate communications chief Cassandra Tay told the local Straits Times “We hope it has raised greater awareness for Singapore's media industry.”

Meanwhile, the clip has already spawned a parody, named MDArena, featuring cover art of video games and movies like Clockwork Orange that have been banned in Singapore.

Well, I found the parody video, and in the interest of fair balance I am presenting it here, but I should warn you beforehand that the background music for this video is the worst song known to the history of humankind. You have been warned. Have your finger near the "mute" button on your computer. Be ready. (Hint: the title of the video does NOT rhyme with "arena".)

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