Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More on MDA

Some more on the Singapore Media Development Authority video. The comments to this post were succinct and all-encompassing.

"Finally, someone breaks out and moves beyond old grannies rapping to new heights of.... stiff Asian executives rapping."

"Asian cultures are different from uptighty whitey folks, you know. They have more fun. They’re less repressed. Karaoke is popular in Korea, Japan, China, and Hong Kong, and may well be in other Asian countries for all I know. Management there have no shame about getting completely rats-arsed (drunk, for those of you who can’t speak Aussie) and crooning into a microphone for the edification of the junior staff."

"Cassandra Tay is yummy.
Other then that … I know white men can’t jump, but asian men can’t even shuffle. That was some mean boogie in that there ‘performance’"

"The problem with watching a china-man rap videos is that two hours later you want to watch them again."

Well, it is addictive. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

But would Cassandra Tay have looked as good if they HADN'T used the wind machine?

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