Thursday, December 20, 2007

You're a smart one, Mr. Grimm

As you may or may not know, I am unsuccessfully managing an addiction to NTN/Buzztime trivia games. Therefore, I was interested when GrimmReality talked about his trivia prowess. I don't think this is necessarily NTN/Buzztime, but it's praiseworthy all the same.

Being the complete dork that I am, I'm writing this from the bar that I just won trivia at. Yes I brought my laptop so I could review info between rounds that I knew were coming up after they announced topics(I am smart as well as cute)....

I was the only one to get the matching round [completely] right. It was "Fates of the wives of Henry VIII".

I remembered the order from my British History Class in college....

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

I could have nailed that one in my sleep.

I almost lost though because I hate golf, and I only got 4 of 10 right in the golf champions round (9th)....The last round (double points) which put me over the top was another sports category: Super Bowl Champions. They gave us questions on the teams some of them beat, and which years. Of course, I got all of them right so I won again all by myself.

That doesn't sound like any NTN/Buzztime game that exists, but I could be wrong.

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GrimmReality said...

Your Highness....It's actually Brainstormer's Trivia. You can do it either by yourself or teams of up to five. 8-10 rounds(deoending on location) 10 questions per round,includes either s picture or matching round. Since the thingwas developed by Brits, most of the questionssteer toward Europe or English type of subjects, but not always. I was part of a team that won the Chicago City Championship in 2002, and I have actually hosted the game myself in a bar in Chicago. The bad thing about it is that a lot of the questions get regenerated throughthe pipeline, so many of the questions I'v already had in other locations. That's why I now just do it by myself without teams...more money for me!