Thursday, December 13, 2007

So, if I go play NTN/Buzztime, what will be on the TV?

Steve Rubel has tweeted the link to the Mitchell Report. I performed a very quick scan of the Dodgers mentions in the report, even though I'm still on strike against the Dodgers ever since Fox dumped Bill Rusell, Hideo Nomo, and Mike Piazza within a period of a few months.

At one point, it sounds like the Dodgers and the Giants wanted to get a form of drug testing into one of the collective bargaining agreements, but were unsuccessful in doing so.

Three of the prominent Dodgers/ex-Dodgers that were mentioned in the report include Paul Lo Duca, Kevin Brown, and Eric Gagne, all benefiting from the services of Kirk Radomski. Lo Duca appears to have been the go-between.

No time to quote from the report, because I'm about to head out to the TGI Friday's in Yorba Linda for an NTN/Buzztime lunch. Wonder what will be on the OTHER TV screens? Oprah? Doubt it.

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Anonymous said...

Since I understand that ALL TGIFridays have dropped Buzztime, you probably saw Oprah